Saturday, October 27, 2018

For you will spread out to the right and to the left; your children will conquer nations and will resettle desolate cities. Isaiah 54:3 NET

Over a year ago, God provided a vision to our church in the midst of a major transition. The picture was of a big, old wooden boat set out on the sea. Inside the boat was every member of our church family working closely together. Many were actually positioned around the outside of the deck leaning over into the sea, taking hold of people who were drowning, and pulling them up onto the deck. No matter if it was calm or stormy, the boat, by the leading of God’s Spirit, continued to navigate towards ships that were shipwrecked where these drowning people were.

The people who were just rescued from the sea had looks of terror on their face as they were literally plucked from death. As we brought them into the boat and away from the edge, we ministered to them. We stayed with them, and we did not let them go. As we cared for them, loved on them, and ministered to them it was as if divine peace and healing enveloped the whole of their being. Incredibly, it did not take long before the same people who very recently were drowning were now themselves taking up positions on the side of the boat, leaning over and pulling people in. This process happened over and over again. Amazingly, as the people steadily increased so did the size of the boat. In this vision, the look and expression on every person’s face was an extraordinary combination of incredible gratitude and intense determination to do what God had given them to do.

It is important that we remind ourselves of the beautiful things that God shows us in the eternal that reveal His will and purpose. It is even more important that we continue to pray on them so that we are indeed allowing God to direct each of our steps. 

Today, as we conclude our week of prayer and fasting, let us prayerfully remember the different revelations that God has provided us over the years – both personally and as a church. Take some time to write them down and/or talk about them with others. Often this enables us to see in the Spirit what God is fitting together. This is part of what we plan to do this evening during Prayer & Praise. Please join us at 7 p.m. at GSIS room #312.

Here are a few examples from recent years that will be important for us to continually remember and focus on in prayer:

  1. God intends to expand our spiritual territory and capacity
  2. There will be a sudden and swift acceleration towards God’s purposes
  3. God has established our children ministries to raise true followers of Jesus to go abroad, conquer nations, and resettle desolate cities
  4. God is equipping our whole church family to be disciple-makers
  5. God is drawing unbelieving loved ones and seekers to Himself through His Body